Upon Professional Courtesies

Yesterday, my good friend Kevin decided to link to my blog on his website Country Universe. I mention the distinction of blog vs website, because we both started from the same place. Kevin mentioned in 2004 that he had started a blogspot.com blog, and he suggested I might want to do the same. I did, and we both started posting semi-regularly. Fast forward to 2009. Kevin’s blog has now become a respected country music website, complete with an excellent staff of writers, which provides just about everything a country music fan could ask for online. I take pride in having witnessed the site’s inception, and in having been along for the whole ride. Currently, I am much more of a lurker than a member of the community, as I am not an avid country fan. However, I am able to keep current on many things in the genre just by reading the site and the comments.

The foregoing is a roundabout way of acknowledging Kevin’s shout-out to this humble little blog, as well as an opportunity for me to again link to a site which shows what I one day hope to turn “The Widening Geier” into; a legitimate website. At the risk of appearing to be a mutual admiration society, I am glad to provide an informative online destination for someone whose site is a good deal more so for me. If anyone from CU happens upon my blog as a result of Kevin’s link, please excuse the humble surroundings, but feel free to stay and look around, comment…etc.


2 Responses to “Upon Professional Courtesies”

  1. Leeann Ward Says:

    As you’ve started your blogging around the same time as Kevin, I’m glad you switched over to Word Press too, though I don’t know who was first.:)

  2. Kevin J. Coyne Says:

    Thanks for the shout out. I can’t believe we’ve been doing this for five years.

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