Upon Reflections from the Opening Road Trip

  • 4-2 on the opening road trip is not too shabby. The Easter game could have been a victory too. Now its on to the Bronx for rings and banners and all that good stuff.
  • The other loss, on Friday to the Rays, was a bit troubling. Javier Vazquez’ last appearance with the Yankees was the disastrous Game 7 of the 2004 ALCS. His work on Friday was not much better, and has put a lot of concern in the minds on the Yankee faithful. It is only one start, but it wasn’t the start he needed to engender confidence.
  • Curtis Granderson is showing positive signs left and right. He has two big HR, including one off of Sox closer Jonathan Papelbon in the 10th inning. He has made some diving and leaping catches in the outfield. He has shown speed on the bases, which when combined with Gardner, gives the Yankees two burners in the bottom part of the lineup.
  • Nick Johnson is batting a lowly .136 so far, which is troubling for a number 2 hitter. However, he has drawn a team high7 walks, which speaks to hit patience and his eye at the plate. He has had some hard hit balls which have found defenders, but I think he will also be a nice addition.
  • Chan Ho Park looks like he might be an enigma. He appears in the first game of the season vs the Sox and promptly gives up the lead on a two-run bomb- Bad. Then he appears two games later and provides three scoreless innings of relief Good. then he provides these comments to the media : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6GIEHPGj9sI– Weird.
  • Robinson Cano may be someone to really watch out for this season. Thus far he is hitting .360 with 2HR, 6 RBI, 9 hits, and 5 runs. His move to the five-hole means that big things are expected from Cano, and he will be asked to drive in the table-setters at 1-4. His RISP numbers will need to improve from last year, and .333 with 3 RBI is a decent start so far.
  • Mark Teixeira is starting slowly again, as seems to be the trend with him. He was mired in a career-long 0-17 slump to start a season before picking up 3 hits on Saturday. Again, it is early, and its worth remembering that he ended up leading the league in HR and RBI following a slow start in 2009.
  • CC and AJ both had so-so first starts, and followed them up with excellent second outings. CC had a no-hitter through 7 2/3 innings on Saturday and AJ  went seven strong yesterday after allowing two runs in the first. Pettitte went 6 in the 10-inning win against the Sox, and will start the home opener on Tuesday.
  • Aside from the first game of the season, the bullpen has looked strong. With Joba, Robertson, Aceves, Marte, Mitre and Park, the Yankees have a good group of arms, mixing power with finesse. Mariano remains Mariano until further notice.

I am pleased with the start of the season, and look forward to some home games prior to the first West Coast trip next week.


14 Responses to “Upon Reflections from the Opening Road Trip”

  1. keitho Says:

    As a Met fan it confounds me, this in-season dissection of the Yankee woes. You just went 4-2 on the road against, arguably, your toughest AL opponents and you’re worried about Javier Vasquez and Nick Johnson?! I would be laughing if not for the fact that my own team couldn’t even win a lousy *&^%$ rubber game with their franchise player on the mound. vs the Nationals.

  2. Author Says:

    Keith- Its not so much a dissection of woes as a look at whats good and what could be better. It wouldn’t be much of a post if I simply gloried in the good and overlooked the not-so-good (plus Sherm would let me hear about it, lol)

    But on the Mets: They will need to win a good 75-80% of Johan starts to remain relevant. Their offense should come around, but they are still trotting out 3 or 4 #4 starters, and I may be being generous there.

  3. Sherm Says:

    Yeah, 4-2 sure beats 2-4. And you’re right. The Mets simply cannot afford to lose against second division teams with Johan on the mound.

    As for the Mets’ pitching, Pelf and Niese look good, but Perez and Maine look awful. The Mets need to somehow stay afloat until Beltran gets back, and hope that Ike continues to rake in AAA. A lineup of Reyes, Castillo, DWright, Beltran, Bay, Frenchy, Ike Davis, and Barajas could be formidable. But with GMJr., Cora, and JaKobs in their right now, its pathetic.

    As for the Yanks, your only concerns should be staying healthy (a lot of age at key spots in Jeter, A-Rod, Posada, Mariano, Pettitte with little depth) and the bullpen (Joba’s consistency).

  4. Sherm Says:

    Nice game from Jurrgens lasy night. Should have stuck to my list. 🙂 I hope your at NYS today. No excuse for a man your age not to be there.

    And add lack of a reliable lefty to my “concerns” about the Yankee’s bullpen.

  5. Sherm Says:

    From the Daily News:

    Usually, Balfour will design the best ring it can imagine before discussing the budget with team ownership. Management then brings in the veteran players to take a look, and to offer designing input. After the 1999 title, Roger Clemens was so impatient to show off his long-awaited champion’s status that he designed his own hefty ring, with the help of a designer friend, to complement the team’s official ring.

    Jeter hasn’t looked at his rings in a while, but says his favorite is still the one custom-made by Clemens.

    “When we get rings, a lot of people get them,” Jeter said. “The idea of having a ring that only the players got – the players, coaches and The Boss – that was pretty cool.”

    What an arrogant asshole. The ring wasn’t special for the design or because of a teammate’s involvement in the design, but because the special people didn’t have to share it with the little, unimportant people.

  6. Author Says:

    You are out of your mind. What a bad guy Jeter is, huh? Do you have the whole quote?

  7. Sherm Says:

    Come on. That was an arrogant, douchey thing to say.

  8. Sherm Says:

    Hope u didn’t have De la Rosa active against the vaunted Mets lineup

  9. Sherm Says:

    Big Pelf dealing.

  10. Author Says:

    Big Hughes dealing against non-pitchers

  11. Sherm Says:

    A shutout against the rockies in denver is not impressive because he faced the pitcher twice?

    Hughes went five innings. That’s hardly dealing.

  12. Author Says:

    I was kidding about Hughes dealing, more or less, but you’d be crazy to want Pelfry over him on your team. Hughes, our #5, would in all likelyhood be the Mets #2.

  13. Sherm Says:

    Why crazy? I’m a Hughes fan, and you know that. But he hasn’t proven anything yet as a starter.

    Pelf has proven that he can pitch 200 innings in the majors (Hughes has not), and his “stuff” is second to no one’s. Pelf throws a 93 mph sinker and a 95 mph four-seamer, and he now has a pretty good-looking splitter to compliment his hard stuff. I’m very impressed with Pelf right now. It has always been about developing consistency and command with his secondary offerings. He might have that with his splitter now. Six k’s and 0 walks yesterday was really impressive.

  14. Sherm Says:

    Hughes’ ERA as a starter — 4.46 in 07, 6.62 in 08, and 5.45 in 09. He still has a lot to prove, Charlie.

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